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Driven to Madness - 6th Anniversary Cold IPA

Driven to Madness - 6th Anniversary Cold IPA

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6 years has flown by and even with Eastbound helping cure a pandemic it sure has seemed quick! With the coming birthday we've released to you the greatest of party favours with our "Driven to Madness - 6th Anniversary Cold IPA"

A Cold IPA is a relatively new style in the world of craft beer and it's one that needs perhaps the most explanation. Cold IPA's are brewed with a large portion of adjunct like rice or corn (we used rice!) in the malt bill. The reason for this is to give the resulting beer a crisp, dry and super clean finish. IPA style hops are added in the boil and also in a heavy dry hop. At the end of the whirlpool we used the tasty trio of Enigma, Citra and Amarillo. In the dry hop we used Amarillo and Citra to get the job done. Another important difference is the yeast we used for this IPA. Instead of an Ale yeast we used a Lager one and fermented it at higher ale temperatures. Why did we do this? For the style it allows the beer to finish quicker, produce more pronounced lager esters (fruit, touch of grass) and leave a crisp, lager-like finish. Also we made it 6.66% alcohol because its our 6th birthday and something was needed to help us through it. 

Because we're givers we're giving YOU a gift on our birthday! Figure that out. You're welcome! Thank you very much for a memorable, happy, tumultuous, unpredictable and dreamy 6 years! We wouldn't change a thing. Maybe that global pandemic thing but not much else!

Happy Birthday to us and thank you!

ABV: 6.66%
Smells & Tastes Like: Lager crisp, peach, 6 years of bitterness.
Pairing: Beer Goggles, Drinking Pants, Party Hats

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